Monday, June 3, 2013

The Beginning of Sundays @ 6

Here he was in the middle of Summer and Caleb wanted to create something big.  He had been playing the piano at different churches and for different care centers, nursing homes, and for friends' parties, church lessons, and talks, but he wanted a way to reach more people.  

Caleb already had a piano blog and he had even created a facebook fan page a few years ago so he could share his music with others, but he wanted something even more.  

He decided he could create a weekly series where he would upload a new song every week.  He loved playing so many church hymn arrangements and he wanted to play so many.  So, he thought up a way how to make it into a weekly webcast.  

At the University where he often took lessons, and I think downtown, he saw they had something called "Sundays @ 7" where they would offer free concerts on Sunday nights at 7 where people could come and enjoy music for free.  This gave him the idea for the name "Sundays @ 6".  

On July 22, 2012, Caleb created "Sundays @ 6" where he vowed to play a new church song arrangement each week.  

Here he is with his very first song called "Faith";

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