Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Inviting Special Guest Musicians to Sundays @ 6

Over the years Caleb has loved accompanying other musicians and more recently he has enjoyed accompanying his sister Jewelia on her violin.  
So, what could be more fun than inviting her to perform with him on Sundays @ 6?

Caleb invited Jewelia to play with him in week 8 and 11.

Here they are playing Heavenly Father Loves Me;

There aren't always violin arrangements that Caleb can find for his sister, so he started arranging some violin music to go with piano arrangements that he likes.

Here he wrote the violin arrangement to go with Aaron Waite's arrangement of There is a Green Hill Far Away.  (Pardon the extra squeakiness of Jewelia's violin, she was waiting to get a better one.)

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  1. When I was in The Netherlands on my mission, the first person that I taught was Sis. Van Oorschot. The nearest church was so far away, we held meetings in her home. Her favorite song was "There is a Green Hill Far Away".