Monday, June 3, 2013

Caleb Learns He Can Create His Own Arrangements

Caleb loved playing all these church song arrangements, and he loved it when he got to play with his family or other musical friends.  It was great when he could find a song that had music written for both piano and another instrument, but sometimes there was only music for piano.  

He was asked by a friend if he could come play with his sister for a church lesson she was doing.  She wanted them to play I am A Child of God, but Caleb couldn't find an arrangement fancy enough.  So, he decided to just write his own arrangement for his sister to play on violin with a fancy piano arrangement he had already found.  He got on the computer and created the violin part to go with this song.

Here is Caleb playing I am A Child of God with the violin arrangement played by his sister as arranged by him!

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