Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Caleb's First Original Hymn Arrangement!

Caleb has loved playing so many different hymn arrangements, and has enjoyed creating some violin arrangements for his sister to play with him, but he had never really made his own piano arrangement. 

Sure, he has dabbled a little bit with writing his own music.  He's composed little songs for school competitions and a song with violin and piano for a local music competition.  He's won different awards for his original compositions, so why not try making his own hymn arrangement?  

Caleb wanted to try, but he wanted it to be a little different.  He seemed to like playing songs in minor keys a lot to give them a sort of "haunting" personality, so he thought of how he could incorporate a minor key into a church hymn without it making it too weird.  

He came up with his own arrangement of the hymn Love at Home in which he would start out in a minor key to make it sound a little scary and forbidding.  He said it was how your home can be a scary place without peace and love or your knowledge of the gospel.  Then the song transitions into a major key where he says the family learned about the gospel and it the home was filled with love.  An interesting take on a familiar hymn, but we congratulate Caleb on his very first church song arrangement.  

Caleb played his arrangement for week 15 of Sundays @ 6.

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