Monday, June 3, 2013

Hymn Arrangements by Chas Hathaway

As Caleb was searching online for other composers who arranged church hymns, he stumbled across another local composer, Chas Hathaway.  Again he had found an extremely talented musician who arranged beautiful hymn arrangements.  He immediately began purchasing and downloading some of Chas's songs.  Chas is a bit of a new-age pianist, and so his arrangements had a certain flair to them that Caleb loved.  The next few weeks of Sundays @ 6 were songs arranged by Chas.

Here are weeks 7, 9 and 10:

Week 7: Come Thou Fount:

Week 9: Battle Hymn of the Republic:

Week 10: We'll Bring the World His Truth:

Soon through Sundays @ 6, Chas Hathaway must have stumbled upon Caleb playing his songs and began commenting.  This made Caleb so happy.  He found a new friend in Chas.  

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