Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Arrangements by Aaron Waite

It was over 2 years ago that Caleb was first introduced to music by Aaron Waite.  His arrangements seemed to connect with Caleb's style.  As Caleb loves so many of Aaron Waite's arrangements, he had to play a few more for Sundays @ 6.  

For week 27, he plays I'm Trying to be Like Jesus;

For week 28 he plays a short little arrangement of Israel, Israel, God is Calling;

For week 31 he plays The Morning Breaks;

Week 32 he plays I Need Thee Every Hour.  It's melody is somewhat hidden in lower notes, see if you can catch it.

Week 33 he plays a favorite, I Love to See the Temple;

Aaron Waite actually lives somewhere near Caleb although they have never met.  They have exchanged emails and messages on facebook.  Someday Caleb hopes to meet Aaron Waite in person.  

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