Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hymn Arrangements by Marvin Goldstein

By the time Caleb turned 10 years old, he had been doing Sundays @ 6 for a few months.  His grandparents  were fans of a pianist named Marvin Goldstein, and so for a birthday present they gave Caleb a couple of his hymn arrangement books.  

Caleb played Marvin Goldstein arrangements for weeks 16, 24, and 25.

Here he plays Love One Another for week 16;

After a month stretch of Christmas songs in December, he comes back at week 24 with
 Teach Me to Walk in the Light;

Here is week 25's performance of Love at Home;

Marvin Goldstein's arrangements seem to follow a basic pattern.  It seems as if they start very simple and similar to the regular hymn for the first part, and then they gradually get fancier.  

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