Monday, July 1, 2013

Christmas Performances on Sundays @ 6

Caleb was really excited when the Christmas Season came around.  If there is anything that Caleb loves as much as playing church song arrangements, it is playing Christmas songs.  Luckily they go hand in hand.  

Caleb found many beautiful Christmas church song arrangements he could play.  

For the 1st week of December, week 20, he played Away in a Manger by Marshall McDonald:

He really liked an arrangement of O Come O Come Emmanuel by composer Marshall McDonald, but he really liked it when it was played with a cello arrangement as well.  Caleb doesn't know anyone who plays the cello, and the music was too hard for his sister to play on her violin, so he came up with a different plan.  

He worked with his mom and dad to come up with a way he could play the piano part and then have his dad  sing words to the parts where the cello would be playing.  

It turned out really well and they even played it and his dad sang in church.

Here is week 21 with Caleb and his dad;

For week 22 he played Silent Night;

For the last week in December Caleb got to have a really fun Sundays @ 6.
  Earlier a friend had asked if he would come play in her church with all his sisters and brother, so they came up with a way to incorporate 4 different instruments all together.  

He liked an arrangement of O Come O Come Immanuel by Chas Hathaway, and it had guitar chords that his brother could use, but then his sisters still needed a part.  Together they worked it out so they could sing, play guitar chords, but also fingerpick, and play violin with the piano part.  

That was all great for 3, but what about his baby sister?  She was still little and couldn't play much besides some hand shakers or a little toy drum, and this song didn't really go with those.  Finally they decided on a hand bell she could ring.  They got it all organized and the end result was really special!

Here are all the kids playing their creation of O Come O Come Immanuel for week 23;

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